July 22, 2018

Some Sunday Morning Blog Love

Haven't given out any "Blog Love" in a while, so since it's Sunday morning... and you all have time to kick back, relax, and read stuff, figured now might be a pretty good time.

The Tying Shed

First up, The Tying Shed, a new-ish blog by Michael Richardson...

If you're a fly fishing purist, please don't be turned off by his recent "mop fly" post, this blog contains some really good stuff that shows off both his fly tying &  story-telling. Michael was also featured in the latest issue of Tenkara Angler magazine, although he's just as comfortable with a rod & reel.

Cutthroat Tenkara

Up next is Cutthroat Tenkara, by Isaac Tait...

You may recognize Isaac's name from his other blog centered around his time in Japan, Fallfish Tenkara. Well, Isaac is living in the United States again, and as such the species in his latest effort has changed as well. However, the adventures (& photos) he takes in the mountains in pursuit of native trout are just as spectacular.


Another blog reincarnation is Flyfisherous, by Cory Perry...

About a month ago, Cory made the announcement that his former blog, Fisherous, was sort of migrating over to this new address with an updated, slick design. With it came a renewed dedication to passing along fly fishing news and notes, as well as report on personal fishing adventures. Take a peek, or at least update your bookmarks.

Tales from East Yahtam

Surprised I haven't mentioned Tales from East Yahtam by George Brown yet on this blog. It's really, really well done...

George has been a friend on social media for as far back as I can remember... This blog, recounting the time he spent in Alaska with his father and his father's friend, outdoors legend George Mann is an absolute joy to read. Wilderness & fishing stories, interlaced with a healthy dose of humorous anecdotes and sentimentality, I even like the how the hand-drawn sketches that accompany each post compliment the stories within perfectly. Take a trip to East Yahtam, you won't regret it.

The Silent Pursuit

Last, but not least, is The Silent Pursuit, by Steven Smith...

So this isn't a new blog, not at all. It's more like a blog where the light switch was recently turned back on. Steven is a fishing buddy from Pennsylvania who had some changes take place in his life and put his fly fishing and blogging on the back burner. Now that his situation is a bit more stable, he's back at it. The post explaining his absence (& re-emergence) is a must read.

So that's that. A handful of new blogs for you to bookmark, add to your feeds or readers, whatever. Check 'em out. I'm certain you'll enjoy them all!

July 21, 2018

Seattle is Great, But Time To Set Sail...

Just left Seattle yesterday on the way to Alaska. We were there for essentially a day and a half and did a few touristy things like hit Pike Place Market... and then took a tour bus out to Mount Rainier for the day. The sights, sounds, (& tastes) in each stop were amazing. It was sensory overload. And that was before we hopped on the cruise ship on Friday afternoon, where sensory overload is by design... Next stop Ketchikan!

I think I took far too many pictures, so I'll save you from sharing them all. But here's a taste of a few I didn't already share on Instagram. (Sorry for all the family selfies, it's rare I can get Lilly to pose for a picture with her parents these days (tween angst) so I take advantage of it when I can).

"Ranger Ron", our Tours Northwest tour guide  :)

July 18, 2018

The Last Frontier

Yep, escaping Florida's heat for a week or so and headed to the "Land of the Midnight Sun" with the family. If you're reading this on Wednesday, we're likely on a flight somewhere over the US headed to Seattle (with a side trip to Mount Rainier), before we hop on the cruise ship to Alaska.

Photo: AlaskaTrain.com

Now, I don't love cruise vacations as much as K.C. & Lilly do, but I'll do this one as a first timer to AK... do all the touristy stuff... likely not fish at all... in the interest of spending quality time with the family (and let's not lie, get the lay of the land for future visits, rod in hand).

I'm going to try and crank out a few blog posts here and there, but if by chance you want to see random photos, I'll probably be hitting up Instagram often - @troutrageous1

Pretty psyched, I've been watching Alaska videos on Vimeo all night. This was one of my favorites, but definitely not for the "fish porn":