January 28, 2020

Tenkara Tuesday: Tenkara Angler Magazine Winter 2019-20

Man... I haven't fished or blogged or done anything remotely close in a while. I think this is my first post of 2020. Yikes!

Well, I still don't have too much to write, but I thought I'd re-emerge from a blog slumber to announce the Winter 2019-20 issue of Tenkara Angler is finally live!

I have to admit, real world work just kicked my butt in December and January, and I just didn’t have the time to crank out the issue in my spare time as planned… however… I think you’ll like what you find inside now that it has arrived.

This issue is a bit smaller than most, but the articles are well-written and definitely worth the read. Written contributors include David West Beale, Jonathan Antunez, Morgan Lyle, Diane Kelly-Riley, Nick Pavlovski, Jack Harford, Bill Holleran, and Karin Miller. Not to mention the now regular Reader Photos section with some great snapshots of on-stream action.

As usual, the Winter issue will be available as an e-magazine over at Issuu, HERE.

And also available for sale as a physical magazine and PDF download in the Blurb bookstore, HERE


December 1, 2019

Best of Tenkara Angler: Kebari & Fly Tying Mashup Issue

I've been looking at my fly boxes recently and they're an absolute mess. Lots of missing slots, chewed up, messy hackled flies, no order whatsoever, just general disarray. However before I started tying and organizing, I figured I'd take a peek at some back issues of Tenkara Angler magazine for inspiration.

In doing so, I thought it might be a good idea to pull all of the fly-themed articles into one Best of Tenkara Angler: Kebari & Fly Tying Mashup issue so everybody else could have the same information at their fingertips as well!

What resulted was an issue with 32 individual entries that re-visit interviews, fly tying recipes, fly swap photos, in-stream techniques, and more from the past four years of Tenkara Angler, in a consolidated 90+ page installment.

It certainly was a blast to read articles from a lot of great fly tyers and anglers, including, but not limited to: Robb Chunco, "Kiwi" Kuhlow, Chris Zimmer, Dr. Tom Davis, Anthony Naples, Jim Wright, Adam Rieger, Jason Sparks, Bart Lombardo, Rob Gonzalez, Michael McFarland, Stephen Myers, Jayson Singe, Sam Larson, Mark White, Kengo Shintaku, and Chris Stewart.

2019-11-30 23_48_40-Issuu - Publication

Tenkara Angler is best viewed (for free) through the Issuu e-reader or app. However, physical print copies or PDF downloads can be purchased at Blurb.

One minor disclaimer, this issue consists of articles literally “ripped” from prior issues of Tenkara Angler, so it’s a bit less refined than a normal issue of the magazine. (Examples being the absence of a “From the Editor” section, the page numbers at the bottom of each page make absolutely no sense at all and, inconsistent fonts throughout).

I hope you enjoy the kebari and fly tying mashup issue of Tenkara Angler...even if you're not a tenkara fly fisherperson. All patterns are equally effective with a rod and reel as well.

Well, talk again soon... I'm hitting the vise!

November 11, 2019

Countdown to Oni Tenkara School 2020

Okay, I've procrastinated long enough... I'm in.

While recent blog posts and photographs may indicate that I'll be doing more fly fishing (with a reel) in 2020, I'm still really into learning more and taking a "next step" in my skill level when it comes to fishing with my tenkara rods. I've dedicated a lot of time to them, but I feel as if I've hit a wall in terms of how I fish them and the techniques I apply on the water.

Unfortunately, opportunities to grow one's tenkara knowledge base can be few and far between, at least here in the United States. Most of us "tenkara anglers" are either learning from print or (more likely) online resources, making things up as we go along, or applying regular fly fishing tactics to tenkara rods. While effective in catching fish, they're likely not maximizing the tools in hand, similar to the way those with decades of experience in Japan have.

With that said, after a few years of saying, "oh, I'll do it next year," I finally signed up for the 2020 Oni Tenkara School, run by the Tenkara Guides in Utah, and led by the ever-skilled Masami Sakakibara. So I'm headed out to Utah next August, tenkara rods and horrible casting stroke in tow, looking forward to getting schooled. 

And as of last night I'm also paid in full, so there's no going back now I suppose. Bring it on "Tenkara no Oni"... We've got ten years of questionable technique to fix!

Interested in attending too? Check out the details HERE.

October 28, 2019

The 2019 International Fly Tying Symposium: November 23rd & 24th

Received my flyer (flier?) in the mail at the tail-end of last week for the 2019 International Fly Tying Symposium in New Jersey.

When I lived in Pennsylvania, I used to make the drive and go to these annually as I always found them really interesting, especially when taking in all of the different tyers and patterns. For a guy who likes to tie relatively simple trout flies... seeing masters of their craft not only crank out flies for salmon, bass, musky, carp, and other species, but talk you through the creative process, was always a treat.

This year's line up looks very impressive, and I'd really love to attend (although I doubt I will). I think I'd really enjoy John Shaner's presentation on "the forgotten wet fly" on Sunday afternoon, since I just love the aesthetic of classic wet flies, and fish derivations of such with my tenkara rod quite frequently.

I also think I'm going to be doing a bit more rod & reel fly fishing in upcoming months, not so much because I'm abandoning tenkara (far from it), just because it's more practical for the waters around me... and the stack of rods sitting in the corner are screaming to be fished. As such, it would be cool to see what folks are tying for the salt, as well as if there are any interesting materials to play around with. I remember the first time I went to the show UV epoxies (like Clear Cure Goo) were just becoming all the rage. I always enjoyed leaving the show with a goody bag of new toys for the fly bench.

In any event, if you're in the Northeast at the end of November, it's definitely worth checking out heading into the winter months. There's no better inspiration for filling all those empty spaces in your fly box... and I know I certainly have a few!

October 27, 2019

A Few Quick Fishy Hits

Was popping around the internet yesterday and found a few articles/nuggets that might be of interest. Sure, this isn't a post of original content, rather a compilation of fishy shares, but they were good reads, so figured you might find them as such too.

So Much Water in Pennsylvania...

I was a dummy when I lived in Pennsylvania. I fished a lot, but I fished the same 4-5 bodies of water all the time. If I could only do things over again. Trout Unlimited recently published an article about how the state has been trying to document and assess its 86,000 miles of flowing water in the interest of finding wild trout and protecting the watersheds from developmental impact. While they've made great process, you find in reading there still a long way to go.

Stickers in the Creekside Shop!

Stickers are awesome. Robb ties equally awesome flies. Put the two together and it's a no brainer. I just picked a few up (as well as some futsuu kebari), you'll probably want to snag some too.

TenkaraBum Goes Long...

Wasn't necessarily expecting this post from Chris Stewart, but it's a great read into the merits of long line, long tippet tenkara. Tenkara as many practice in Japan. He had a recent fishing session with Adam Klagsbrun that opened his eyes to this technique. A nice departure from fishing killer bugs, micro spoons, and overhand worms with tenkara rods.

Discovering Small Streams...

After a bit of a hiatus, the Discover Tenkara guys are back with a new Tenkara in Focus episode over on YouTube. It's a great little dive into approaching smaller water (which happens to be my favorite). Regular fly guys should give it a watch too, because the manipulations used in the video could certainly be applied with rod & reel. There's also an accompanying blog post that's really worth reading too.

Best of IFTD...

Sage Trout Spey HD

If you follow any fly fishing media online it was tough to escape all the IFTD references a week or so ago. The annual industry trade show moved back to Denver this year, making it far more accessible than when it was in Orlando. In any event, there were a lot of new product highlights, and I found this article over at Gear Junkie that summarizes them well. Spoiler alert: Simms sweeps the wading categories.