February 27, 2021

That's One Hungry Trout!

 Sometimes a Picture Says a Thousand Words

This awesome photo is courtesy of Len Harris, a Driftless area angler (and friend of the blog) who is known to tell a good story or two. In this case, Len didn't need to do much talking, but did share the following commentary:

"The silly thing hit my spinner with its mouthful already and it battled like normal. It did not seem to be hindered. I thought about taking the frog out of its mouth but I thought I might injure it because the inside of the fish's mouth the teeth are all pointed down the throat and I might tear it. It swam away just fine. I guess it was quite hungry."

Trout are amazing.

Kind of makes you think... if you were a trout, what favorite food might be found sticking out of your mouth when caught? As for me, well, I'm a glutton for pizza... or maybe tacos. I eat pretty much anything in taco form. That would certainly be a sight.

February 25, 2021

The Splat Rat and Other Miscellany

Weekend Plans in Limbo

I was hoping to head up to North Georgia this upcoming weekend, but the weather doesn't look all that favorable. A seven hour drive for uncertain fishing conditions might be a bit too big of a leap of faith to take, but I still have a few days, so we'll see how that works out.

I'm particularly excited to get fishing again because I have a new tenkara rod to play around with, the relatively new Dragontail Mutant. Brent Auger was kind enough to send over a tester so I could do an evaluation and review over on Tenkara Angler, and since it arrived last Friday, it's been screaming for a proper workout.

The Splat Rat

Over in Facebookland, Jason Sparks recently shared an article about shrew-eating trout. The article was not new, actually dating back to 2013, but it got me thinking about a pattern I'd really like to start tying up. Not necessarily for trout, but for local bass. It's called the "Splat Rat" and it seems like a ridiculously easy fly to tie. Plus it utilizes a somewhat "unique" ingredient, foam pipe insulation. 

I was first introduced to the pattern by Kai Cornelius (a fellow tenkara angler), who used to fish it liberally when he lived out in Utah. But for whatever the reason I never acted on the impulse to actually tie one before. Think that'll change, especially if I do get washed out this weekend and have time to make a run over to the hardware store for essential supplies.

Here's a quick video on how to assemble one from noted tyer, Rob Snowhite.

Beer Me!

Finally, I received the latest TROUT magazine the other day and in paging through all of the interesting entries, there was an eye-catching (and perhaps thirst-quenching) conservation initiative highlighted on page 63.

Heirloom Rustic Ales in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently partnered with local Trout Unlimited Chapter 420 to create Longear Lager, a very "fishy" beer that contributes $1 from each four pack sold back to that TU chapter's conservation efforts. A very worthwhile cause... plus, the cans just look damn cool. Seems like a win-win to me!

February 19, 2021

Flyside Chatting

You may have recently seen me highlight Flyside Chats, a new video interview series by Anthony Naples. It's been great so far, with some really thought-provoking guests. I suppose Anthony either ran out of people to talk to, or just decided to lower the bar, because he asked me if I'd be interested in chatting. Being the vain, egomaniac I am, I took him up on the offer last week.

While I probably wasn't the most interesting guest, I tried to bring some energy (and a fun hat), and had an enjoyable session with Anthony. We talked a little about 2020, hopes for 2021, Florida and North Georgia, favorite flies, and musical preferences.

So if you're bored... and I mean really bored... feel free check it out here.

...and check out Anthony's blog Casting Around for a ton of fly fishiness and other installments of Flyside Chats (with far superior guests).

February 15, 2021

Down the Greg Ovens Rabbit Hole

These Videos Are Strangely Addicting 

It was rainy in the Jacksonville area over the weekend. It was the kind of weekend where you generally just stay indoors, although K.C. and I did make a little trip to the new Tractor Supply Co. and Culver's locations on Saturday just to check them out. Bought some cheeseburgers and a bird bath, I'll let you figure out which came from where. 
Anyway, on Friday night I tapped into one of my saved movies on YouTube, The Mountain Men, starring Charlton Heston. It's campy, politically incorrect by today's standards, but also a classic. Not even close to being Jeremiah Johnson good, but I hadn't watched it in quite some time so it was worth dusting off.

I suppose based on that recommendation, when I was streaming YouTube later on Saturday I received the suggestion of these Ovens Rocky Mountain Bushcraft videos. This was the first entry I watched. Its got everything... fishing, bears, more fishing, more bears, and even some camp cooking... with liberal quantities of butter and aluminum foil.


And... umm... I couldn't stop. I totally binged these videos of Greg just doing random stuff in the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies. It's probably unfair to say the plots of these videos are random, as he does generally set out with a plan, but things tend to happen and they don't always work out as planned. Anyway, if you want to follow along, here are a few others about fishing, but most of them are more general outdoors in theme.


Finally, in reading the "About" on his YouTube channel, I also learned he was evidently on the History Channel's "Alone" series, so I'll have to see if I can find that on demand. Guess I'll be chasing the rabbit again next weekend too...

February 13, 2021

D-Flex Triangular Fly Rods?

Now This Is Different...

I stumbled upon a few teaser videos for a triangular-shaped fly rod last night. Nope, not made of bamboo, rather graphite or some other modern material. It's going to be sold by D-Flex Fishing Rods sometime this year, with the first model being called the Hyperlite RLX.


If you're not interested in watching the videos, the construction evidently allows for a stiffer casting profile, but a softer fighting profile, all in the same rod. It also lets the rod be stronger and lighter in weight in comparison to similarly rated tubular "round" fly rods. I mean what's not to like? 

You can also read more here.

Appears there will be a Kickstarter shortly, I'll probably post again once it is live just because I'm interested in following this project. However, if you'd like to be notified to be among the first in line, there's a link to sign up for email alerts on their web page.

Thoughts, comments?