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Guess what, I sell stuff too.  But not a lot of stuff.  For now just T! Party Stickers & T! Shirts, because everyone always looks good adorned in stupid blogger gear.

T! Shirts

Shirts cost $20.  Shipping to you is free*.  I'll even toss in a sticker.  I try to make things easy.

Kelly Green H&H Outfitters Blank - 50% Poly, 50% Cotton
Sizes L, XL, 2XL, 3XL Available
(I'm 6'0, 205 lbs with a bit of a belly and wear an XL comfortably)
**Any Orders Taken prior to X-Mas will not ship until after the Holiday**

Zoom of Graphic

T! Party Stickers

Because who doesn't like stickers?

These are new stickers.
They're actually matte finish and made of thick, durable clear vinyl that has a UV laminate that protects them from scratching,rain, and sunlight.
The T! & URL are white, but that white border isn't really there, it's clear, what you see is the paper backing.

*The Fine Print:
Free Shipping applies to Continental United States only.  I can and will ship elsewhere, it may just cost a few extra dollars, or euros, or rupees, or whatever...email me HERE to make arrangements.

While I do my best to keep all sizes offered in-stock, please note some sizes may fall out of stock from time to time while a new order comes in.  I will notify you by email if this is the case.

Oh, and after you buy one...take a picture of yourself wearing it and send it in...you can end up in the T! Party with the rest of these readers.

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