Exploring Florida: Bass Pro Shops Stick Marsh Outpost

Spent last night in the land of the Mouse and had good intentions of writing a blog post from the hotel room, but the damn Wifi was absolutely crawling at a snail's pace.

So instead, here are 3 pictures of one of the nearest Bass Pro Shops to my house. They just happened to be on my phone from when we went in July and were easy to upload via the Blogger app. Does your local BPS have pens out front with alligators and hogs? I thought that was very Florida...


  1. Very Florida indeed. No Gators or pigs at BPS in beautiful downtown Rocklin, California. Just Bass in the tank.

  2. Cool! The one closest to my house has a trout pond.

  3. Whoa. There are definitely no alligator or hog pens at either of the 2 BPS in Illinois hahaha


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