Obsessed With L.L. - Part 2

I was surprised with the overall positive response that the post on Monday regarding L.L. Bean (fly fishing) equipment received.  Happy to find I'm not in the minority.

I was even more pleased to see someone take the ball and run with it, as +Jay Eubanks over at The Naturalist's Angle wrote a follow up piece yesterday entitled "L.L. Cool Beans" about his experiences with what we'll call "vintage" Bean rods & reels.  If you enjoy gear porn, head on over and check it out.


  1. Is LL Bean owned by Orvis? Their website looks exactly the same and honestly their style is very similar.

    1. No, two different companies, but both with old New England roots. LL Bean (Maine) & Orvis (Vermont).

    2. L.L. Bean is also a much larger company than Orvis. L.L. Bean & Orvis did $1.5B & 340M respectively in revenue in 2012. Given, those are not fly fishing-specific figures.

  2. I'm gonna church that blog, thanks Michael.

  3. Meant to type check instead of church :)

  4. Mike,
    Thanks for sharing my blog with the legion of Troutrageous! followers.
    I hope what I wrote gets people thinking about Bean gear.
    I'm still a loyal fan... and probably always will be.

  5. Both fine historic New England companies.
    It's a shame though they don't offer New Englands best known fly the way Carrie Stevens tied it.
    The Gray Ghost


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