Stained Glass Taxidermy

This "Wild About Glass" stuff is pretty cool...would look really good at the house...

While I'd normally be partial to trout...

The saltwater fish are pretty rad.





Maybe a Marlin...

You like?  Check out more of David Oppenheimer's work HERE.


  1. Some of the artists out there simply amaze me. This is one.

    1. Right? It's amazing the creativity out there. I wish I had the attention to detail that it has to require to make things like this. Crazy.

  2. I'd be happy to have any one of them, but the trout and tarpon are my favorites.

    Hope you're enjoying the non-snow Christmas. We're getting close to a foot this weekend.

    1. The brookie is quite nice. I think the tarpon is my favorite too. I like the wavy glass that makes up the body.

      70-something degrees this weekend (but rainy). I try not to rub it in. I understand the rest of the country is either frozen, under snow, or both. Thanks for popping by Leigh!


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