The GREAT Shirt of China

Got an email from the artist formerly known as Lunker Hunt yesterday.  It's always good to hear from Clif - as I always value his unique point of view and similar sense of humor - and the latest peek into his residency in China is no different.

troutrageous t party great wall of china
"I challenge all your readers to  submit a picture as "great" as this one."

So T! Party members, think can you do it?
There are a lot of stickers and more than a few T! Shirts out there...who knows, maybe I'll even pick a prize from the treasure box to send to the best one.  I'd send something to Clif, but I don't want cause an international incident.


  1. The Mongols got nothing on me.

  2. I'll take that challenge. Give me a couple of days.


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