The Return of "Fishertainment"

He's back...

Just don't call it OJDC

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  1. Deja Vu all over again! If you weren't the first to link to it this time around (too), it just wouldn't feel right! All is moving ahead as it should be. Now brave that yankee winter and go fishing so there's something here to see besides boob-eating fish. :) LOL

  2. LOL - the only comment is mine. The "1" looked so lonely. There. Fixed it.

  3. Let me help you with that 2 comment problem. I am looking forward to the new blog.

  4. Thanks Ricky. I appreciate it! I'll be mixing up the fishertainment and the art stuff - and I'm going to try my best to stick to positive, fun content. And stupid videos.

  5. FYI to the late comers and train wreck watchers: is now the FISHING blog.


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