I'm taking the weekend off from blogging to spend extra time with my 6 year old daughter...whether she likes it or not.  There are many acts in this world that are difficult to comprehend.  The one described above is not one of  them.


  1. I live in Sandy Hook. You can't imagine the sadness here . . .

  2. I have passed through that town on many occassions and have thought of what a great place it would be to live in. I am at a loss to even begin to comprehend the loss and sadness there. They are in my thoughts and prayers. When I hugged my girls tonight I found it hard to let them go.

  3. We all have heavy hearts this day. Yes, spending time with Lilly is the best thing that you can do this weekend. Sending prayers to all who are suffering from this tragedy.

  4. Mike, nothing could be better than spending the weekend with your daughter. Especially this weekend. Hold her close!

    On a side note, received your wonderful Christmas greeting card today. Very nice! I have a ceramic Santa on my fly tying bench and he is holding your card. Happy holidays!

  5. I live about an hour away and cannot imagine the sadness in that town. My thoughts are with all of Newtown's residents. I will be joining T! by spending much time with my 7 & 8 year old boys.


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