So We Have A Winner...

Lots of entries (118 to be exact) have finally yielded a winner in the MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard giveaway.

Who is it? Want to guess first?

No, not him...

Him? Nope...

Them?, not them either...

Okay...Congratulations to Chad Welch!

Dude you won!!!!

So email me HERE with your real-life mailing address, and I'll make the arrangements with Mr. MooseKnuckle to get you the goods. I may even drop you a few trinkets from my obnoxiously self-promotional merchandise collection to boot!

Big thanks to MooseKnuckle Lanyards for sponsoring such a cool contest with a great product.  Also thanks to all that entered, even though all of you (with the exception of Chad) happen to be losers...


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