A Random Act of Kindness

On the way home from my business trip yesterday, I called home from the airport to catch up with K.C. & Lilly.  Lilly was a little more excited than usual to talk to me.  She told me she made me a card in kindergarten and couldn't wait to give it to me.

Upon arriving home she rushed to her school bag and pulled out a small envelope.  This is what was inside.

Best.  Kid.  Ever.


  1. So cute! I love my kinder's drawings. It's a great age isn't it?

  2. Awesome Big T!. Pretty soon she'll be doing posts for you. Do they make youth Tenkara rod's yet? Oh yeah, it's called a cane pole.

  3. I am thinking that girl just bought herself anything she would like in the near future. She sure thinks a lot of her daddy!

  4. One of my favorite pastimes is reading the cards that my kids do for me. That may be one for the "memory box". Nice job Lilly!


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