Words Get in the Way

My temporary affections were dedicated to Jeannine Edwards last week.
This week, Ava Gardner...

Ava Gardner Fishing
Pic from Film Noir Photos Blog

Santa is so bringing K.C. a captain's hat for X-Mas.


  1. Dude! she caught her self! right on the left hip.
    why so selfish? I wonder...
    Hott though!

  2. I might be weird, but that pic makes me horny.

  3. Right on. Bringin in the followers with old school hotness. love the new banner by the way...

  4. She was definately hot stuff in her prime.


  5. @Big - If only she'd consider sharing her catch.

    @Kev - Glad it made you tingly.

    @AYOTF - Old school hotness never goes out of style (& thanks)

    @Shoreman - No doubt.


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