Swimming Upstream

After a week of continually getting beat back and beat down (just like this trout) - happy Friday everyone, just a few short hours 'till the weekend!


  1. A lot of work for one roll in the gravel, so to speak. Neat video and welcome back to humanity.

  2. I feel like this guy this week too. Its looking like next week will be an upstream battle as well. That means the weekend is for enjoying. I hope you enjoy yours as well.

  3. Thats great.
    The determination is admirable.

  4. I feel like that all the time! It would have been nice to see one make it. You know, to give us all some hope.

  5. Cool video! Have a great weekend!

  6. Great footage of a great species.
    Hard fighting, hard digging fish.
    I love to feel the pull.

    Great post...thanks.

  7. @All - there definitely is something to be said for the determination of these fish.

    @Bill - I thought that one was going to make it...he got so close...then all the way back down.


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