Happy Birthday Lilly!

2006 - Newborn

2007 - First Birthday

2008 - Second Birthday

 2009 - 3rd Birthday

 2010 - Preschool Picture
4 years old today...my little girl is growing up!


  1. Very nice!

    You DO realize that, in the blink of an eye, she'll be celebrating her 15th Birthday, don't you??


  2. It's apparent that Lilly is the light of your life. Happy 4th Lilly.


  3. Before too long you will be chasing the guys off the front porch. She's definitely a cutie.

  4. Lilly thanks all of you guys for the birthday wishes (through a mouthful of pink princess birthday cake).

    @ Wolfy - Unfortunately, yes. 4 has come in an instant.

    @ Shoreman - She is.

    @ Mel - Takes after her mom. If they like to fish, I won't mind so much. If not...

  5. Happy B-day to Lilly!

    And you, sir, are a blessed man. I know because I've been blessed with 2 daughters. Plans for any more? You know you're addicted to it all now!


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