Cabin Fever

To quote Christopher Walken as Bruce Dickinson,  "Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription..."

You get the point.  Drove to Valley Creek today at lunch to see what it was looking like in light of all of the recent snow.  Had to get back to work, but looks fishable to me...maybe this weekend?

Poor quality pics taken with my "crapberry"


  1. there's supposed to be a "heatwave" on Sunday- 40 degrees.

    and since when do you take field trips during lunch?

  2. Well then it's written...Sunday it is.

    Since I got the fever.

  3. That's gonna be some COLD water running into the stream! Let us know how you do


  4. Most of the streams around here are froze over. It would sure be nice to get out and fish.

  5. Sure looks cold and clear. Looking forward to your report.

  6. I have a nephew who has a blackberry. I'll have to tell him I know someone with a crapberry. Good pictures tho. It does look cold. Thanks Mike

  7. Hopefully there will be something bitting in that cold water. Good Luck!!


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