Fishouflage - Well, at least you won't blend in...

Got an email from the NAFC today touting a new product (or should I call it, pattern) from a company called Fishouflage. I don't know exactly what to make of this stuff yet. It's not really like normal camo - you're not supposed to blend into anything - it's more just for fashion purposes.
Although artistically similar to the 3D hunting camouflage patterns you’re all familiar with, the patent-pending Fishouflage™ patterns weren’t designed to hide you, your boat, or your gear from the fish. These patterns were designed wholly and solely to be the “lifestyle identifier” for the worldwide angling community. These patterns, and all those that will follow, were created for those men and women who take their recreational fishing so seriously they chose to be called “anglers” instead of fisherman or fisherwoman. Fishouflage™ allows those who are dedicated and committed to their angling to wear their passion on their sleeve (or their boat, or their tackle bag, or their rod & reel, etc.). With Fishouflage™, you can tell the world “I am an Angler” without having to say much at all.
Right now they have Bass, Crappie, Muskie, & Walleye patterns...I won't bite until I see a trout.


  1. See what professional guides are saying about fishing camo designed by anglers for anglers.


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