It Was Bound To Happen

I've been fortunate in my fishing to date that whenever I've traveled to fish - Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Virginia, North Carolina, etc, etc... I've usually been happy with the results. When I used to live 20 minutes from wild trout, a skunking was never preferred but was never really a big deal either.

Well, this past weekend didn't work out so well. Six and a half hours north to trout water, and, umm... no trout. About a half dozen nibbles, even one long distance release, but no fish to hand.

I know, I know,
"That's why they call it fishing and not catching..."

Oh well, at least it was pretty out and I got a nice workout rock hopping.
It's all good. Until the next time.

Exploring Florida - Star Wars Celebration Orlando

There's no fishing in this post. Not even going to pretend. Just a guy geeking out with his family at Star Wars Celebrationlast weekend. This isn't the first Star Wars themed post here, and definitely won't be the last. Not too much to say, those of you who get it, will get it. Instead, I'll just share some photos:

Five Below Fly Box

There's been more than a few fly box posts here on the blog as of late, so perhaps I have fly boxes on the brain. In any event, Lilly & K.C. drug me into a Five Below store yesterday where among the shelves of pre-teen treasures, I stumbled upon an interesting find.

For those of you not familiar with Five Below, it's sort of a trendy "dollar store" chain that sells cheap stuff with a pop-culture slant like candy, toys, books, clothing, electronic accessories, etc... The goods aren't really of the highest quality, but the inventory rotates fairly regularly, so you never know exactly what you're going to find. Near the checkout, I found this for $2.

If you're familiar with the popular, pocket-sized Meiho compartment fly boxes that retail for about $8-10, this is strikingly similar and has many of the same features.

I've been happily using the Meiho boxes for about 2 or 3 seasons now. They hold a lot of flies, and the different compartments don't…

Georgia (Trout) On My Mind...

Haven't been trout fishing yet this year. A little birdie chirped in my ear that this weekend was regional"Opening Day" back in my old stomping ground of Southeastern Pennsylvania, so that definitely got me obsessing thinking about trout again. (Any of my SE PA readers get out this weekend?)

Anyway, looking at my upcoming schedule, the first chance I'm going to have to escape Florida in search of trout appears like it will be April 21-23, so that's the plan... and praying to the weather gods to keep things calm that weekend.

It should be a good opportunity to really stretch the legs on the new Confluence rod from Three Rivers Tenkara I picked up the other week. It's a two-length zoom rod that I'd like to do a solid review of here at some point. (If you can't wait for that, Tom Davis did a "dry" review recently as well).

I've already taken it out retention pond fishing in the neighborhood a little bit and liked what I've seen so far, …

Tenkara Angler: Spring 2017

Finally finished editing this quarter's issue of Tenkara Angler over the weekend... and man, it was a lot of work. There were so many outstanding articles submitted at this deadline the magazine ended up growing from 110 (or so) pages to over 140!

So much awesome stuff. So. Much. Awesome. Even if you're not a tenkara person and just like fishing, you're bound to find something of interest - art, essays on fishing lifestyle, fly tying, photography - so I'd encourage you to check it out. It was really fun to see it all come together.

The Tenkara Angler e-magazine can be viewed for free on Issuu.

If you like what you see and want a print copy, they can be purchased via Blurb.

More information on Tenkara Angler, including back-issues, can be found at

Cool Stuff: New Blogger Themes!

Wow, talk about unexpected...

Blogger as a blogging platform has kind of been on the wane. And with the way Google has a history of pulling the plug on products somewhat abruptly, it wouldn't have surprised me if they announced on Monday that they were sunsetting Blogger at some point in the not too distant future.

Instead, for the first time in quite a few years, they announced that they've released 4 new native Blogger themes for people to give their blogs a nice little (mobile-friendly) face lift. Talk about overdue.

Introducing: Contempo, Soho, Emporio, & Notable.

The new themes can be found in your blog dashboard, and can be easily customized with Blogger's simple to use WYSIWYG tools. Honestly, as I've tried other 3rd party themes over the years, and found the biggest issue to be the fact that customization usually required some bit of coding to get it how I wanted it to look, or afterward still wouldn't care to load pages particularly quickly. This immed…


What?  Yep.
This email graphic popped into the inbox yesterday from the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA). Thought it was pretty interesting, and really something I never gave much thought to when reaching for one of those little plastic cups to hold the dozen flies I planned on buying at a fly shop. Seems like a no-brainer for retailers to make the switch, can't imagine their customers would mind much. Would you?

Recycled Paper Fly Boxes, Now at AFFTA

Today is the day! Recycled paper fly boxes are now available at! Choose from three different sizes to best suit your shop's needs: 2"x2"x2" (dry flies and nymphs), 3"x3"x2" (bigger dry flies and nymphs, bass bugs, and smaller saltwater flies), and 6"x3"x2" (big stuff like tarpon and billfish flies, plus a few leader packs and spools of tippet).

It's estimated the fly-fishing industry adds about 3.5 million plastic containers annually to the enviro…

Alternative Fly Box

Saw this pretty cool fly storage/organization solution on Nick Cobler's Instagram over the weekend, and he allowed me to share it here. 

If you've spent all winter tying flies, I think this is a pretty awesome way to manage your backstock, while also selecting a few of the divided plastic cups to use as a "grab and go" mixed stock fly box.

While it's really a travel tote for organizing craft beads called the JamPac, seems like a killer solution to get your flies sorted and under control. Plus, the black case screams, "Put fishing stickers on me!" 
This storage solution including the 20 storage cups, can be found on Amazon (of course) for $20, with Prime shipping.

The 5 Best Tenkara Rods?

There's a blog post out there that's been circulating for a little bit longer than a year with a very similar title to this one that I don't really care for. It's not so much the rods or companies that are recognized, it's the article's questionable evaluation of them, including calling them "American Made." Since that post seems to have good SEO qualities, it never quite fades into oblivion, resurfacing on social media every few months.

Rearing its head yet again on the Appalachian Tenkara Anglers Facebook pagelast week, I decided to turn the tables and ask the group members what they think the five best tenkara rods are. You know, real feedback from real tenkara anglers. A few models (not exactly five) were mentioned, which I'll highlight below.

I would like to note that it appeared as if many people replied with a lean towards value or "beginner" rods. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just thought that context may be he…