Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving!

I know blogging is a dying segment of social media, and I haven't really done my part to keep this blog particularly vibrant with content either. That said, can't help but be extremely thankful for all of the great people (past & present) that Troutrageous! has brought me into contact with - either virtually, or in person.

I'll keep it short - as today is a day best spent with family and friends, so in closing Thank You & have a Happy Thanksgiving!

In Lieu of Fish

This time of year is always a tough one. Daylight savings time signals the onset of shorter days, and those shorter days (and colder temperatures) mean fewer opportunities for fishing. In certain states with specific fishing seasons, one may not legally be allowed to even pursue the species of their choice.

So what is the winter angler to do?
Typically, I end sneaking out a bit to fish locally (as living in Northeast Florida does have certain advantages - we get cold and frost, but don't ever have to worry about ice over). And also usually find myself acquiring more gear than I actually need in "preparation" for next year.

That said, for someone who prefers fishing for trout in mountain streams that require multiple hours of travel to reach, those opportunities pretty much dry up in my neck of the woods come the end of Fall.
So in an effort to be a little more productive with the "offseason," think I'm going to change the routine up a bit this winter... an…

Tenkara: A Ken Burns Documentary?

If I was skilled at making fishing videos, I think my dream project would be to combine two of my favorite things - Tenkara fishing & Ken Burns-style documentaries. I'm captivated by the concept of a "historical timeline" tenkara movie that would immediately replace "A River Runs Through It" as the standard for all fly-fishing cinema.
I can just picture it now...
Grainy black and white still photos of ninjas and wizards battling small stream mountain trout with katana swords bamboo rods...

...accompanied by recollections and musings of current-day tenkara luminaries...

...some video showing the modern (r)evolution...

...overlaid with a Takenobu soundtrack... 

...or something like that. Or not. Most likely not. Whatever...
Ok, while that will never happen, that doesn't change the fact that I'm a history nut, and really love to learn the backstories around the pastimes I enjoy. As such, it's my opinion that one of the most complete (& concise…

Tenkara Tuesday: Tenkara Angler Winter 2018 Call For Submissions

Just wanted to use this Tenkara Tuesday (and Happy Halloween) to cross-pollinate the fact that the "call for submissions" for the Winter 2017-18 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine is now underway.

If you've got any tenkara-themed stories, essays, fly tying recipes, product reviews, tips, tricks, or even photography, poetry, or original artwork, it would probably fit in perfectly with the next issue.

Interested? Check out the Tenkara Angler website HERE for more details.

Cool Stuff: Art of Jeremy Shellhorn

There are so many creative types out in the fly fishing community. Whether it is fly tyers, rod designers, photographers, videographers, authors, you name it, it seems as if those who enjoy pursuing fish with feathers also love to flex their creative brain muscles.

One of the favorite items I left with from the recent Tenkara Jam in Boone, North Carolina (full post upcoming) was a mini "zine" created by Jeremy Shellhorn. You may know Jeremy as the designer of most of Tenkara USA's artwork and graphic treatments, as he is mentioned frequently on their blog and social media. Jeremy also happens to be an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at my wife's alma mater, the University of Kansas - so Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

I thought I'd share a few photos of the Tenkara zine. The magazine itself is only a few pages, so I don't want to photograph the whole thing cover to cover.

I've always enjoyed the aesthetic of Jeremy's work, and if you do too, you can see mor…

2017 Tenkara Summit

It took a little longer than I thought it would, but figured now was as good a time as any to do a recap of the Tenkara Summit that took place in Estes Park, Colorado back on September 16th. Actually, this will be more of a photo dump, with a few captions included for good measure.

Guiding Ain't Easy

We don't do guest posts on Troutrageous! all that often, but I received an email from my buddy Spurky yesterday and he wanted to file a fishing report. Spurky & I go back quite a few years, and I'll never tell him no. So please enjoy this tale of a recent "guided" adventure... 

Guiding ain't easy they say.

I have taken T! aka Mike out a few times in my area and have done pretty well, alas last time was 6 LONG YEARS AGO!! Hint Hint!!

I met a great group of guys this early summer while camping up-state by Trout Run, PA. They were a few sites above me along the creek. What caught my eye when fishing was that Kip was using a tenkara set up. We made friends and fished together along the trout stream full of small fish who did not want our wood, steel, or feathers - just live bait.

We got talking and I invited them down to fish in my stomping grounds. As the set date was getting near I was hoping for decent weather as summer forgot to show up, and Seattle style wea…

Tenkara Fishing Along Fern Lake Trail

Realized last night that I never posted about fishing on my last day in Colorado; the Sunday after the Tenkara Summit. I also never posted about the Summit itself, but I'll probably save that full write-up now, as Adam Trahan did a pretty solid job covering it over at the Tenkara USA blog. May share some photos at some point though.
Anyway, back to fishing. What a fun day!
Rocky Mountain National Park is such a nice place to fish. I rolled into the park around 9AM, and already saw quite a few anglers out fishing in the Moraine Park meadow. Rather than put further pressure on that water, I decided to head up the Fern Lake trail and fish that section of the Big Thompson River a bit further upstream.

Along the way, I passed another tenkara angler named Marc, and chatted him up for a bit. He was trying out his new Hane 2 rod and said he was having some success with the brown trout. Excited, I hiked in a bit more before popping down to the water to see what I could find.
Almost immedi…